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Tips for Studying for the Admission Exams

It is time to get yourself into gear- the admission exams are looming. You are worried about whether you will make it. Here are some practical study tips from others who have written and passed the board exams:

1. Start preparing in advance- do not leave it to the last minute. Make sure you study legislation concerning the subject matter.

2. Do not rely on memos from previous exams- these can make you falsely believe that you understand the subject matter.

3. Make summaries of each topic.

4. Practice, practice and practice bookkeeping and estates!

5. Make a study timetable and allocate time each day.

6. Pay attention in PLT class.

7. Use colours in preparing study notes- these help stimulate your memory.

8. Take a break - if you study under pressure or with fatigue, you will battle to retain what you are studying.

9. Eat healthily and exercise daily.

10. It is not a competition- you need to study at YOUR pace, and not that of your peers.

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